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Map processes and collaborate on business improvement

Everything you need to know about how Elements allows you to deliver highest standard of knowledge process mapping

Process mapping - Elements view and edit modes
Process mapping - Elements activity boxes and flow linesProcess Mapping; How to map; Drawing diagrams; How to draw diagrams? Process application?
Process mapping - drill-downs and creating child diagramsHow to send activities to drill down to simplify your process
Process mapping - creating mapsUPN, Process hierarchy, process diagrams, getting started with process mapping
Request edit rightsAsk for edit rights on a diagram or a map
Process owner and authorChange who has process ownership and who is the main author for a diagram
Adding and managing resourcesResource library and resource utilization in processes
RASCIHow to do RACI / RASCI charting using Elements
Alignment, sizing and renumbering
Smart renumbering / automatic renumberingHow to renumber / change number of activity boxes
Export drilldowns and copy and paste activity boxesCopy & paste objects and make drilldown diagram a new map
How to connect different processes to each otherOff-page connectors; line connectors; cross-map connectors; process link; flowline linking
Colors, styles, formatChange color and style of all objects and text
Drawing ERD diagrams with ElementsProcess mapping, ERD; diagram; flow lines
Themes : change the display settings for the diagramsTheme; Display; Change colors; Change icons; Process interface; Process display;
ImagesAdd images, pictures, photos to diagrams, as attachments. Image fill in activity boxes embedding inside notes. Link from image to URL
See map structure using map treeNavigate around the map hierarchy using the map tree structure
Exporting mapsJSON; Visio; Map export;
Import map as a drilldown diagramBuild a map from a set of other maps. Import any map to be a child diagram on an activity step
Deleting maps (soft-delete)How to delete a map (and be able to restore it)
Copy mapClone maps in a Space or between Spaces
Printing maps and diagramsPrinting, PDF, and embedding diagrams
Swimlanes and text boxes: how to group processesSwimlanes; Colour boxes; Color boxes; Visual analysis; Activity grouping; Process flows; Decision box grouping;
Digital rights management for mapsHow to manage users' ability to copy maps
Embedding content from another app into a diagramHow to embed documentation or convert diagrams from other tools
TIBCO Nimbus importHow can I import my diagrams from Tibco Nimbus to Elements.cloud?

Governance; releases, versions and compliance; ISO9001 (PRO)

Version control and continuous improvement for GDPR, ISO9001, FDA, and FCA compliance

Versioning diagram hierarchiesPublishing diagrams in the hierarchy and avoiding broken hierarchies (pending diagrams)
Diagram versions and publishing new diagramsLearn about diagram version logic and process releases
Process governanceDrive improvements to your operational process in accordance with regulatory requirements; authorization cycle; authorize diagrams
Enable and set up authorizers on your business diagrams
Request authorization on changed diagrams
Authorize changes to business processLearn how to inspect, accept, authorize and reject diagrams submitted for authorization.
Set up process trainees - Training RecordsHow to set up users who will have to sign off they have seen and understood new business processes - Acknowledgements
Request acknowledgment of new processesHow to request sign-off on new processes from end-users / employees
Acknowledge you have seen and understood new processesInspect new operational processes and sign off you have understood the changes
Linking from process activities to a Reference model to show complianceTo demonstrate regulatory compliance, link the Ref model with the standards to the business process steps
Reference / compliance modelsReference model; Compliance model; Data models; Data inventory; Pardot; Mailchimp; External systems model; What is a Ref model?; GDPR
Recording and viewing diagram changesChangelog; Process change-log; Edit changelog; Diagram change log