This article outlines all actions available to authorizers. Click here to learn how to request authorizations on diagrams.

Prerequisite: you may want to learn more about diagram versioning logic before you progress with this article.

Article outline

  • Authorization tasks

  • Inspect submitted diagrams

  • Re-open rejected task

  • Cancel authorization

  • Auditing diagram history

Authorization tasks

When a diagram is submitted for authorization each preset authorizer receives an individual user task.

A diagram cannot progress to ready for release state unless all authorizers have authorized the diagram. If one or more of the authorizers have rejected the diagram, and they are not going to change their assessment, you will have to cancel the diagram authorization altogether.

Inspect submitted diagrams

Each authorizer receives an email and an in-app notification when a new authorization request has been created for them. Authorizers can start investigating their diagrams either by following the link provided in the email or by clicking on the task icon inside the application.

Even though each diagram is treated as a separate authorization task, the authorizer can inspect all open authorization tasks in the authorization mode by simply clicking through to the next diagram. The authorizer has the following actions available to them:

Re-open rejected task

When an authorizer rejects a diagram, that task is closed and no longer appears in their list. However, sometimes the reason why a diagram was rejected may be challenged or the authorizer may change their mind.

To re-open a rejected diagram and re-inspect it again, click on the task icon and click on Go to task list.

In the task list, select the closed list, sort the list in descending order and locate the diagram authorization in the rejected state. Click re-open in the right panel to move it back from rejected status. You will have to provide a reason for changing your assessment for audit purposes.

Cancel authorization task

When an authorizer has rejected a diagram the editor who requested the authorization will be informed about this action. That user can then notify the map manager.

The user with map manager permission can inspect all diagrams being authorized and their status from the map management app. Any diagram which has a rejection will appear with a red lozenge in the status column.

In the 2nd tab in the right panel, the map manager can view the 'authorization history' for this diagram and the current authorization task. If they agree with the reason for rejection provided by the authorizer, they can click on the 'Cancel authorization' button. This will cancel all open authorization tasks. This diagram version will be logged in version history as 'Cancelled'.

Auditing diagram history

You can inspect the history of each diagram version and its authorization history by inspecting the version history in the right panel for each diagram.

In the version history you can see :

  • When the version was submitted for authorization

  • Who authorized it and when

  • Who rejected it, why and when

  • Who re-opened their task, why and when

  • Which authorizer was removed during the authorization process, by whom, when, and why

  • Which authorizer was added during the authorization process, by whom, whenm and why

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