Prerequisite: You will have to be the map manager to conduct all of the actions outlined below.

Article outline

  • Enable governance mode on your map

  • Set up authorizers on diagrams

  • Change authorizers while authorization is already in progress

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Enable governance mode on your map

Not all maps in your Enterprise Space have to be versioned through authorization. Enable this functionality on each map separately.

Set up authorizers on diagrams

Open map management application for the selected map.

The map management app represents the hierarchy of your UPN process map. In the right panel, select the 2nd tab. You can set up who the authorizers are for this diagram. Every authorizer you add will receive a task to inspect the submitted diagrams when the new version is submitted for authorization.

The process owner is set as the default authorizer. You can disable that setting and add other users to be authorizers. Any user in the Space can be made an authorizer. If they don't have access to the map, they will be automatically invited to it when they are made authorizers.

By default, each diagram inherits the authorizers from its parent diagram. So you don't have to set up authorizers for each diagram separately. However, if you decide that a particular diagram (and its children) need to be authorized by someone else, you should disable the inheritance setting and add/remove authorizers.

Change authorizers while authorization is already in progress

You can easily change authorizers on diagrams at any time. However, when a diagram is currently being authorized, changing authorizers requires you provide a reason for this change.

This action, alongside with the reason you provide, will be logged in history of the version being authorized for audit purposes.

Next steps

Click here to learn how to request authorization on changed diagrams.

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