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Feature overviews
Feature overviews

Quick descriptions of how features work, what permissions are needed, and frequently asked questions.

Connecting your Org5 articles
Elements GPTUsing Elements AI engine with your Org to accelerate your jobs to be done10 articles
GDPR regulatory compliance for anyone holding EU Resident dataData inventory for Salesforce & Pardot, version controlled operating processes, Data Privacy managed app for Salesforce4 articles
Connecting and syncing the 1st Org6 articles
Syncing additional Orgs2 articles
Org model basics5 articles
Clean-up3 articles
Supported metadata4 articles
Metadata utilization3 articles
Metadata dependencies6 articles
Reporting2 articles
Change logs4 articles
Salesforce user accessAnalyze profiles, permission sets, groups and user access to Salesforce metadata5 articles
Drive up Salesforce user adoptionUsing Elements process diagrams and links to documents and systems to improve training11 articles
Analytics 360Understand health of your Org across key dimensions12 articles