You can follow diagrams, requirements, stories, reference model nodes and URL library links to have quick access to all of them from the dashboard and spot if any of them has been changed or commented on. You can also mark any of the followed items as favorites. 

Follow & favorite items 

To start following an item simply click the star next to its name:

The star will turn blue and the newly followed item will added to your home page. 

To mark an item as your favorite, click on the star again - it will turn gold.

Home page
All followed and favorited items are displayed in the second tab along on the home page toolbar, under "Followed Items". They are initially ordered by the date you started following them. If any of them are edited they will move to the top of the list. 

If there is any new feedback on the followed item you will see a blue feedback icon. If the item has been edited by another user since the last time you saw it, it will display a blue pencil icon. 

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