Space is your secure working environment inside the Elements application. It contains process maps, requirements and stories, data tables, Salesforce org models, reference models, themes, documents, users, user groups and all other kinds of content. 

You can create and be a member of multiple spaces. There are 2 kinds of spaces: personal and team. The team spaces can be on a FREE, PRO or Enterprise plan. This article will explain all the differences between the different types and how to manage and use your spaces most efficiently. 

Article outline

  • Dive-in video 

  • Personal space vs Team space

  • Space management

Dive-in video 

Watch a nine minute video or scroll down to read particular sections.

Personal space vs Team space

Personal space is a space every user starts with. It contains only the process mapping tool with basic functionality. It was designed to be a sandbox for every user where they can privately play with different ideas and hone their process skills. As such you cannot invite other users to your personal space nor share any content from it. 

You know you are in the personal space if the current space name display says "Personal" and there is nothing but the processes in the main app menu.

Team spaces, on the other hand, are for collaboration among many users. The main commercial model within Elements revolves around the level of the Team Space you are working with. There are various benefits and capabilities across different levels.

  • Free Team Space - just like on the personal space, the free team space contains only the process mapping tool. However, you can invite users to this space and share your process maps with anyone you like. And everyone you invite or share the content with can also share it with anyone else.

  • Pro Team Space -  the PRO (paid) space unlocks for the user the enhanced process mapping tool with versioning, access and edit control; change management capability with business requirements and user stories; integration with Salesforce and an ability to produce Salesforce Org models and analytics; integration with JIRA for user stories; URL library and many others.

  • Enterprise Team Space - On top of all the PRO features, Enterprise Spaces allow users to run unlimited metadata dependency trees.

Space management

If you wish to change user permissions on a space (i.e. change who can edit which type of content), set up and manage your Salesforce connections or JIRA connections, configure custom data forms, or change any other space-wide settings then you need to access the space settings.

Just click on the gear icon on the toolbar or the name of your current Space.

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