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Public Spaces allow you to provide template diagram content to other users within Elements application. You can use that to promote your business or drive best practices.

Public Spaces can be accessed by every registered Elements user. In order to promote templates internally, you will need to create an internal template Space. This functionality is currently in development.


  • In order to make a Space Public, that Space needs to be on a paid plan

  • Consultants on multi-space license can turn of their consulting spaces into a Public Space

  • Non-consultants would need to purchase additional license for the Space they wish to designate as Public

How to make a Public Space?

In order to make a Public Space:

  1. Make sure you are in the main Elements application. It is the one with the menu on the left hand side that allows you to navigate to different features. You will also notice the name of your Space at the top.

  2. Click on the "Change Space" dropdown in the top right part of the toolbar. Then click 'Go to Space list' button at the bottom.

  3. You will see the list of all Spaces you are a member of. Find the Space you wish to designate as Public and click on the row in the list.

  4. In the right panel for the selected Space, in the 'Details' tab, scroll down and find the 'Is Public Space' toggle. Turn it on to make the Space Public.


Who can access the Public Space?

Making a Space Public does not make it automatically accessible to every user. There are two ways for someone to access the Public Space:

  1. Elements user can find it themselves in the Space list.

    1. When user opens the list of all Spaces they belong to, they can see 'My Spaces' and 'Public' tabs at the top.

    2. Switching to 'Public' tab will list all available Public Spaces. User can then select a Space from the list and click 'Join Space' in the right panel to become its member.

  2. Non-Elements user can be given a 'Join Link'

    1. When you make a Space Public, you will see a new field appear under the 'Is Public Space' toggle called 'Join link'. It will contain a URL link. If you share that link with anyone, they will be re-directed to sign-up page and after successful account creation they will be automatically a member of your Space.

How to share content from a Public Space?

Every user that is a member of the Public Space can then use the diagrams in it as templates when creating new diagrams in their own Spaces. Click here to learn more about creating diagrams from templates.

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