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Invite users to a Space

Add user to the space; Space sharing; Space access; Space invite; Grant access to users;

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Add users to your Space so that they can collaborate with you on planned changes and so that they can view and interact with your diagrams.

Nobody can see any content (diagrams, business requirements, stories, metadata information etc.) in Elements without being a member of the Space where the content resides.


  • To add a user to a Space you have to be the member of that Space

  • To grant a user permissions to create and edit content within a Space you need to be a Space admin. Read more here.

Invite user to a Space

Once you have created a Space you can start inviting other users to it. Here is how:

  1. Make sure you are in the main Elements application. It is the one with the menu on the left hand side that allows you to navigate to different features. You will also notice the name of your Space at the top.

  2. Click on the gear icon in the top right part of the toolbar. Then select 'Space settings' from the dropdown. Or click on the name of the Space. You will be redirected to Space management application.

3. Select the "Users" from the menu on the left and then click on the button "Invite user to Space" in the upper right corner. Fill out their email address and invite them to the Space.

When user is added to the Space, they will have access to see all content within the Space. Unless that content is specifically restricted from view. Click here to learn more about restricting content access.

Restricting who can invite to space

By default, any member of the space can invite any new user. If you wish to restrict space invite rights to Space Admins only, you need to have a paid Space and set up access rights restrictions.

Other ways of inviting users to the Space

By default, if you grant access to content residing within a Space to a user, that user is also invited to the entire Space. Here are other ways a user can be granted access to the Space:

Adding multiple users to the Space

You do not have to invite users to the Space one by one. You can integrate with an external identity provider and provision your corporate users in bulk to Elements. That process will also add them to a designated Space. Here are your options:

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