Having access to the Space does not mean that the user will automatically be able to access everything in it. You have to either make the content visible to everyone in the space or exclusively invite specific users to it. This article outlines how to do it for the Salesforce Org models and standard Reference models. You might also want to read these articles:

Article outline:

  • Making a reference/org model accessible by everyone in the Space

  • Granting individual access 

Making a reference/org model accessible by everyone in the Space

Select either the Salesforce Orgs or the Ref Models from the main menu panel on the left (depending on which item you would wish to make accessible by everyone). Select an item in the list that you wish to share with other users (don't click on the blue name - that opens it).  

Select the SHARE tab in the right panel. If you toggle the "All users can view Org Model" to on, then every member of the Space can access and view the content.

This is an important step if you want to make sure all your users have access to the in-app help in Salesforce.

Granting individual access

If you would rather limit access to a particular model to a selected few you can invite them individually using the "Invite" button in the right sidepanel. 

Any member of a Space can be invited as a viewer to the Org or Ref Model. In order to grant someone edit or manage rights however they already need to have an editor license in the space

If a user has edit rights on the Space, they will have the option to change them to an Org model editor or manager in the pick-list next to their name. Otherwise it is greyed out as "View only".

The total number of "Space Viewers" is shown at the bottom of the right SHARE panel.

Once you have manage or edit rights you can add and edit documentation and content in the Org Model.

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