What is an Org Model?

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Org model helps you better understand how your Org is structured, what consists of, and what are first points of possible improvement - here at Elements, we are all about improving.

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  • Where do I find my Org Model?

  • How to open the Org Model

  • Org Model structure

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Where do I find my Org Model?

Once you have connected your Org and synced your metadata, the system will create an Org Model. It is a hierarchical tree composed of "Nodes" which represent your Salesforce metadata configuration.

The Org Model is the primary tool for your Org clean-up, documentation and impact analysis. In order to open your Org Model, go to app.q9elements.com.

How to open the Org Model

Click on the "Salesforce Orgs" in the main menu on the left-hand side. Then click on the name of one of the connected Orgs to open up the Org Model.

The Org Model will be opened in a new browser tab. 

Org Model structure

The Org Model is organized alphabetically by metadata types. By opening each item in the list (click on the grey arrow) you can see individual metadata belonging to that type (also organized alphabetically).

Metadata types which are associated with objects (or belong to objects) such as process builders or validation rules are grouped under the objects. Simply open up the specific object to find that metadata. You can also use the search bar to find a specific metadata by label or API name.

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