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Proposed nodes

Design and document metadata required by a change request before you create it

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You can create "Proposed nodes" in your Salesforce Org Models to design and document what metadata will have to be created in the Org as a result of a change request.

This is the first version of this functionality. We are eager to hear your feedback and share our plans for future iterations.

Article outline

  • Prerequisites

  • Creating proposed nodes

  • Documenting proposed nodes

  • Tracking proposed nodes

  • Updating & deleting proposed nodes

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  • Editor access to an Org model

  • Sync'd Salesforce Org

TIP After you create the new metadata and sync your Org Model, the previously created documentation will be automatically linked to the new item in the tree.

Creating proposed nodes

Users with editor access to the Org Model can create proposed nodes in the Org Models. This can be done from the tree structure by right-clicking on a metadata type grouping (i.e. "Apex Classes" rather than a specific Apex Class) and choosing the option "Create proposed [type]"

In the modal window, you need to provide the label & API name for the proposed node. The API name must be unique within an Org Model.

Documenting Proposed nodes

Because "Proposed nodes" are only placeholders in your Org Model, you will not be able to see any information about usage, dependencies or access. But you will be able to add documentation, including diagram links, rich text notes, end-user help, user stories and business requirements.

Tracking proposed nodes

After every sync, the owner of the Org Model receives an email with a list of changes since the last sync. This list includes any new, updated, not synced (deleted) and suggested metadata.

You can also generate a node list report. You can then filter all the reported metadata in your Org Model by "Proposed" status to see all the proposed changes.

Updating & deleting proposed nodes

If you create metadata with the same API name as the proposed nodes, then after the next Sync, the status of the proposed node will change to "New". Depending on the metadata type, we will then also be able to show information about its dependencies, usage, or access.

If you decide that the proposed node is not required, or you have made a mistake creating it, you can just delete it by clicking on "Delete node" button in the right panel.

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