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Changes to your Org model: summary email & statuses

Email with Salesforce Org model changes; Org updates summary; Salesforce Org data model changes; Why does it show as updated?

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Keeping track of changes in your Salesforce Org has never been easier, meet our automated post sync changelog reports delivered to your inbox after each Org sync.

Article outline

  • Prerequisites

  • Overview

  • Keeping track of Org changes

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  • Registered and verified Elements account

  • Sync'd Salesforce Org

  • Being set up as a report receiver address


After each sync of your Salesforce Org our system generates change log records for Salesforce metadata that were somehow altered since the last sync. Differences in your Salesforce configuration are highlighted as:

  • Proposed (metadata that is planned to be created)

  • New (there is metadata that wasn't there before the latest sync)

  • Updated (some aspect of the metadata has been altered)

  • Deleted (item has either been deleted or we failed to fetch it)

Note: for deleted metadata the user will show as "undefined". This is because we are unable to retrieve information on deleted metadata, as it no longer exists.

Keeping track of Org changes

Keeping track of any changes to your Salesforce Org is easy. After every sync, we send the specified recipients email summarizing the scope of changes and the users responsible for those changes:

Getting more information from the email

Click on the person's name and it will show all of the changes

Click on any of the metadata types and it will show you the changes for just that type.

Note: If there have been no changes to your Org since the last sync, we will not send you a daily sync email.

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