You can choose which users receive the daily, post-sync email update about all the changes in your Org. You can use that to make sure your team and all relevant stakeholders are never caught off guard by some changes. You can also set up a Slack channel to receive those updates instead.

Article outline:

  • Setting email recipients

  • Setting up a slack channel to receive updates

Setting email recipients

In order to set a user as a recipient of the change log summary email for an Org model, you first need to grant them individual access to an Org model.

Then, in the share tab in the right panel for the selected Org model, find the user and simply tick 'Receive update on changes'. Only users with Org model manager permission can change this setting.

Setting up a slack channel to receive updates

You can also specify a single Slack channel that will be receiving the daily sync updates.

With the slack channel email copied, click on the text button visible in the screen below. Paste the email onto the empty field and press enter.

The slack channel will be set as a recipient of the daily sync updates.

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