In order to investigate in detail the full scope of changes done in an Org you need to run a report in your Org model.

This article covers how to report on Salesforce metadata change log records.

Article outline:

  • Running a report

  • Grouping the report by type , status or user

Running a report

When you open the Org model, click on the report icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

From the dropdown list, select the 'Change log' report.

You can then specify the timeframe against which you would like to run the report.

Grouping the report by type , status or user

The report is a list of all change log records for a specific timeframe. You can export it into excel/google sheets for further manipulation or use the reporting app instead.

To quickly find relevant information you can click and drag a column into a grouping space above the columns. This will group the rows by that attribute.

Column groupings can be stacked together. In the example below the report is grouped by type of metadata, status and user, which would allow to easily spot who has done what sort of change to which types of metadata.

We currently do not expose or allow users to interact with or compare XML files of the synced metadata. If you are interested in this data reach out to us to discuss your use-case and help us build a great solution for you.

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