Using Elements you can keep track of:

  • what changes have been done in my Org

  • who has done those changes

so that you can be aware of any potential conflicts and easily remember what changes need to be put in the change set or the deployment pipeline.

Article outline

  • How change logs work

  • How to access change logs for a metadata item

  • Rules behind 'updated' status

  • Rules behind 'deleted' status

How change logs work

When we sync an Org model, we first check whether any of the metadata that we synced previously have been changed (based on the last modified date). We then sync the changed metadata and any new metadata (i.e. item we did not sync before but now became available after an API call to Salesforce).

We fetch following data: last modified date, last modified by, XML file / metadata details. This data set then becomes a change log record stored against the specific metadata item.

How to access change log for a metadata item

To access change log records for a metadata item, open the Org model and find the metadata you want to investigate. In the right panel, open the 'Changelog' tab which is the 2nd option from the bottom.

We currently do not expose or allow users to interact with or compare XML files of the synced metadata. If you are interested in this data reach out to us to discuss your use-case and help us build a great solution for you.

Rules behind the "Updated" status

Elements alerts you that something has been updated in your Salesforce Org but we currently do not specifically tell you what has changed - you need to do the investigation yourself.

The 'updated' status is driven by the last modified date on metadata visible in Salesforce setup. If the last modified date on an item is different from the one we synced previously, we will highlight the item as updated.

It is important to note however, that the last modified date is triggered in many situations, for example:

  • Metadata is substantially altered (formula changed, flow reconfigured, api name or label has changed);

  • Help text or description is changed on an item;

  • A new object or field is added (which will update all profiles that were given access)

Rules behind the "Deleted" status

A node will be marked as "deleted" if our system failed to get the metadata from Salesforce. This can happen when:

  • item has been deleted

  • manage package has been disconnected from the Org

  • item's API name has been altered (in this case the old node with an old API name will be shown as "not synced" but there will be a new node with that new API name in state "new")

  • Salesforce error occurred on a request to get the metadata. If that is the case, it is likely that during the next sync the item will be successfully re-synced.

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