Note: The simplest way to invite a small numbers of users to a space is to use the SHARE button from an individual diagram. This deals with any missing steps around registration, adding to Space, adding to Process all in one. Check it out here.

Inviting individual users

Once you have created a Space you can start inviting other users to it. This is done from the right panel in Space list. You can add or edit users in the Space Management app, which you get to from the MANAGE SPACE button. Users will NOT see any processes until you give them access rights.

Note: If they are all Salesforce Users, you can automatically provision them to a Space. Install the Salesforce Integration managed package in your Org and it will provision and manage the users in the Space through Single Sign-on (SSO). The Space can have a mix of Salesforce provisioned users and those you have invited.

If they are already an Elements Catalyst user they will get an email notification and a message on their Elements Catalyst home page. If they are new to Elements Catalyst they will get an email inviting them to register.

If the Space is Pro, and you make them an Editor, they will be charged for the monthly license.

Inviting (importing) multiple users

Catalyst allows you to import up to 300 users at a time through a CSV import. They will all be added as Viewers. If your file contains more than 300 users, the excess number will be ignored during import.

*Important: ask our customer success team to turn on this feature for your space. It is free but for security reasons we are not allowing large user imports to happen by default.

The format of the CSV file is:

Column A: user email (mandatory field)

Column B: user first name

Column C: user surname

You can import users from the three dots dropdown menu on the right panel in the Space list or from the users page in Space Management.

If the invited user is not yet registered with Elements Catalyst, they will get an invitation email and you can add a custom message which will be added to the invitation.

Restricting who can invite to space (PRO)

By default any member of the space can invite any new user to the space. If you wish to restrict space invite rights to Space Admins only, upgrade to PRO and learn about managing access rights.

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