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Share diagrams with users; send screenshots of diagrams; Where is the share button?

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If you are in a team space, you can share a diagram with your colleagues straight from the process mapping application. This emails them with the link and a screenshot of the diagram.

TIP if you don't see the "share" button, you are in a Playground space. You will need to create a team space instead. 

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  • How to share a diagram

  • How to share diagram with multiple people

  • Sharing diagrams and giving edit rights

  • Sharing diagrams and access rights

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  • Registered and verified Elements account

  • Editor role

How to share a diagram

You just need to click the share icon in the upper part of the screen.

This will prompt a dialog window where you can type either the name or the email address of the user you wish to share this diagram with. Use the first option if they are already members of the parent space, and the latter if they are not or if they are not even registered. You can also leave them a personal message that will be included in the email.

The user will receive an email like this with the link and a screenshot of the process diagram.

How to share a diagram with multiple people

You can share a diagram with up to 10 different users. Just click the "Add another user" text button in the share diagram dialog window. 

If you want to invite more than 10 people, you can always click the share icon again and add 10 at a time. However, if you want to invite a lot of people to the space and give them all access to this particular process map, you might want to import a lot of users to the space instead and make the map visible to everyone in the space. You can also provision users to Elements using Single Sign On/Provisioning at the Enterprise Level using corporate management or Salesforce.

Sharing diagrams and giving edit rights

In the Elements app, process maps are hierarchical. It means that you can have multiple levels of process diagrams, from the highest level of abstraction to the greatest detail of your business operations. When you share a particular diagram with other users, you are in fact inviting them to the whole process map as viewers.

If you want any of those users to be able to edit this or any other diagram in this map, you first need to make them an editor on the map. You can then restrict their edit rights to particular diagrams.

Sharing diagrams and access rights

Any user who gets invited to, or has content shared with them from the space, becomes a member of that space and can be provided with access to any content in it. Each map can be made visible to everyone who is a member of the space - or you can restrict visibility to specific people.

TIP as explained before, a user who gets a single diagram shared with them can also access the entire map from which the diagram comes from. Support for inviting and assigning access rights can be found here.

This means that if there are specific diagrams you want to restrict View Access to within a map, you will need to create these diagrams (or export the relevant diagrams) - as a separate map. You can then specify who has View access - and link the diagrams (using flow-line connectors or linking to the diagram URL) - to access from other maps.

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