Having access to a Space does not mean that the user will automatically be able to access every map. You have to either make the map visible to everyone in the space or exclusively invite specific users to it.

Article outline:

  • Map permissions: different levels of access and different capability

  • Inviting users to maps

  • Granting access rights to groups

Map permissions: different levels of access and different capability

By default, any new map you create is visible only to yourself, the owner. You need to invite other users to the map to let them access it.

There are a number of different permissions you can grant to users:

  • Viewers with basic access cannot expand the diagram toolbar and are locked in the master (published) version of the diagram.

Inviting users to maps

You can grant someone access to the process map by either inviting them to the map or by sharing a diagram with them. There are no diagram-by-diagram view rights so if you share one diagram from a map with someone they will have access to view the whole process structure. Click here to read more about diagram sharing.

Click "Invite to map" from the right panel of the maps list.

You can invite users from the Space as well as users who have not yet registered or have not been added to your Space (in which case type in their email address). They will be automatically added to Space and asked to register to access the map.

When inviting a user to a map you can give them 3 levels of access:

  • Viewer: users who are individually invited are given stakeholder access

  • Editor: editors can edit all diagrams unless you change it in map management.

  • Manager: managers have fundamentally the same permissions as the owners. They can invite other users and manage their individual permissions.

If you are on PRO or ENTERPRISE plan you can also manage who can invite other users (on free Spaces any user can invite any other person to the map).

Granting access rights to groups

You can also manage the level of access to maps by user groups. You need PRO or ENTERPRISE level license to use this functionality.

In the map list, select the target map and scroll to the bottom of the "Share" tab. Click "Add new group".

You will see all groups that exist in the Space (alongside system groups like "Editors" and "All" which contain all editors and all users respectively). You can add any group to the map and members of that group will gain view access. You can also give them "stakeholder access" by selecting the "Can expand view mode" permission at the bottom.

You can also make a process map visible to every user in the space by simply turning on the toggle "All users can view map". This will grant every user the end-user viewer access.

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