Process mapping - Elements view and edit modes
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View and edit modes serve you with different purposes, as you might think when in edit mode you can actually make amendments to your process map and yes, in view mode you can only view, share and look at child diagrams.


  • Registered and verified Elements account

Switching between edit/view modes

When you first create a map, Elements knows that you are editing and will open the blank canvass in edit mode. From then on, however, even as an editor, Elements assumes that you are viewing content. So, if you want to edit, once you have opened a diagram, change it to edit mode by expanding the top toolbar and clicking on the pencil icon.

TIP If you don’t edit anything for a few minutes, Elements app will automatically switch to diagram view mode, and you ought to have to click on SWITCH TO EDIT again. Also, the top bar with the edit button may be hidden using the blue arrow buttons

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