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Import map as a drilldown diagram

Build a map from a set of other maps. Import any map to be a child diagram on an activity step

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Importing process maps as drilldowns is exactly what you need when collaborating with other departments, to create an end-to-end process maps between your peers.

Article outline

  • Prerequisites

  • Drilldown import overview

  • Choosing right map version to import

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  • Registered and verified Elements account

  • Edit rights to a process map

  • Copy rights on Space level

Drilldown import overview

Select an activity in your process diagram that does not have a drilldown yet. Right-click on that activity and select the "drilldown" menu item.

When you click "import" you will see the selection dialog with all of the maps from the current Space (excluding the one you're currently in). You can select anyone to import as the new drilldown on that activity. 

It will copy the contents of the map (diagram and child diagrams) underneath that activity step, as a drilldown.

When importing a map you can also choose to move the links to external items (like requirements, stories, SF Org model node links, Ref model node links) to the new drilldown:

Choosing right map version to import

If you select a map that was published, you can choose whether to create a drilldown based on a draft version of the map or the current version of the map. If the current version is selected, you won't be able however to move the external links to the drilldown.

You can also toggle the switch in the lower-left corner of the window to be able to import any of the soft-deleted maps as well.

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