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Set up your playground space to practice business analysis skills

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Every user is granted a free Playground Space which they can access at any time. You can use it to practice your business analysis skills. Playground Space allows you to connect a single Salesforce Dev Org and you cannot share the Space, or any content in it, with anyone.

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  • Prerequisites

  • Navigating to the playground Space

  • Playground Space functionality

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  • Registered and verified Elements account

Navigating to the Playground Space

Every user has their own Playground Space. You can find it in the Space dropdown in the main application. If it is not there, it is because you haven't visited it yet. You can then click on 'Go to Space list' and select it from the full list of Spaces that you belong to.

Playground Space functionality

The Playground Space offers you full access to all the Enterprise features within the Elements platform, except for:

  • Sharing / inviting other users: Playground is unique to each user. You cannot share any content in your Playground Space with anyone, and you cannot invite any other user to that Space.

  • Connecting multiple Salesforce Orgs: you can only connect and sync a single Development Edition Salesforce Org. You cannot connect any Sandbox Orgs or other edition Orgs.

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