The Consulting Partner Program

At we are focused on developing intuitive, compelling and insanely valuable software. We are not building a professional services team. So that is why we are committed to building and supporting a vibrant consulting partner program. 

We also understand that you want to have a platform that can enhance your client offerings, reduce project risks and improve your productivity. should not get in the way of your client relationship or delay a project start. As well as helping you deliver even more valuable work and leaving clients with an additional asset, it should open up doors and help you close deals faster.  

We don't believe you should be recommending to your clients if you have not experienced and believe in the benefits. When you join the Partner program you get unlimited use of an Elements Enterprise Space (Partner Space) and access to the Elements Academy and the Customer Success team to become competent in the relevant use-cases, to build template content to leverage your IP and for demonstrating to clients.

Finally, we want to reward you for introducing us to new clients, so we offer a referral percentage of the revenue that results from your recommendation, based on 'net-new' revenue at that client.  

Registered Partner - Free Entry level

There is no cost to join the Partner Program as a "Registered Partner", but we do expect your consultants to have mastered the basics i.e. completed the modules in the Elements Academy that are relevant to the use cases you consult on. You can access Consulting Licences as a Registered Partner but they are not mandatory.

Consulting Partner - Must have Consulting Licences

There is a higher level partnership tier which is the "Consulting Partner" level. This is by approval only and is dependent on us understanding that you are making Elements a core part of your business and are proactively taking Elements into your customers in a way that is aligned with our Go-To-Market positioning and will deliver genuine value for our mutual clients. It also requires investment in Consulting Licenses. In summary they provide:

  • Unlimited Project Spaces : 90 days of Org Connection and Enterprise features for each client Space created by a Consulting Licence holder

  • Unlimited edit rights on any Space : Edit access to any Elements space of any level at any client. Without using any of the editor licences on that space.

Managed Services - Consulting Licences also enable you to provide Elements as a Managed Service to your clients with the following significant advantages:

  • Consultant license means anyone in your team can edit / manage client Spaces at no additional cost to you or the client

  • For Customer Orgs with more than 100 Salesforce Licenses, the Org Connection and Enterprise features you pass through to your clients are based on standard Elements customer pricing

SMB Managed Services

  • Where the Customer Org has less than 100 Salesforce Licenses

  • Org Connection and Enterprise features are bundled at $300 per year per customer (minimum 5 customers – $1,500 entry point)

For more details on the Multi-Space Consulting license type see here.

5 simple steps to joining Elements Partner Program

To register:

  1. The Primary Partner representative needs to be an user. Registering for the software is free.  The Elements username is the email address

  2. Please setup a session directly with a member of the team to discuss your aspirations as a partner.

  3. We will send you the appropriate Partner contract to review and eSign.

  4. We will provide you with access to the fully functional platform and training to leverage Elements with your clients.

  5. You can register specific opportunities with clients to allows us to work together in delivering more value to your clients and helping you win more work and expand the capabilities you can offer.

If you have any questions, feel free to email at any point.

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