The multi-space editor license allows consultants to create an unlimited amount of PRO spaces for their clients and to join any existing space in the system as an editor without requiring a separate license from a client. The PRO spaces created through the license come with the Salesforce implementation license turned on by default for 90 days.

This license is only available for consultants who are part of our partner program and it costs $500 per user license. The multi-space license is an individual license and needs to be purchased for each user separately. As the license is available through the partner program, any licenses purchased by the clients on the spaces created by multi-space editors will yield a referral %.  Click here to learn more about how to earn the commission.

Article outline:

  • Setting up the consultant license 
  • Setting up a new PRO space for a client
  • Joining an existing space as an editor 
  • Transferring the license between consultants 
  • Transferring a space to a client 

Setting up the consultant license 

To start using the multi-space consultant license you need to:

  1.  Join our partner program
  2. Let us know you are interested in the offering either through the chat icon or by emailing us at  
  3. Accept and pay a quote that we will send you.
  4. Set up your partner corporate management.

    As part of the package, you will receive a free corporate management license. We recognize that in the world of consultants, there is a high turnover of employees in the company working on various projects. The corporate management allows you to keep track of all multiple projects and allocate and re-allocate users and licenses as required.

    Important: corporate management requires a custom domain. If you don't have a custom corporate domain, let us know by emailing us at
  5. Assign licenses to users.

    Once the corporate management is set up just go to the users' list, select a user and assign a license by turning on a switcher in the right sidebar. 

Setting up a new PRO space for a client

As a multi-space editor, any new space you create is automatically a PRO space with all the core business analysis tooling as well as the Salesforce implementation license enabled for 90 days so you can start using this on any Salesforce client project.

At this point you can invite your clients to a space as viewers or, if you have connected a space to the client Org, you can provision them from Salesforce.

Joining an existing space as an editor 

The other benefit of the multi-space consultant license is that you can join any existing client space in the Elements Catalyst system as an editor without using that space's pool of editor licenses. In other words, you can join any space and start editing without any extra cost for either you or the client.

Transferring the license between consultants

How to deal with situations when a consultant leaves a company and someone else needs to replace them on a client project?

While you can use the corporate management to deactivate a user account you cannot remove a multi-space editor license from that account as long as that user is the only Space admin on any PRO space. In order to account for turnovers in a company, you will have to make sure that there are 2 multi-space consultants with an editor role on each client space. This will allow the Elements team to appoint the second editor as space admin if need be.

In the Autumn 2019 release, we will introduce a feature that will allow corporate admins to directly control space membership, invite users as editors and appoint space admins. 

Transferring a space to a client

When a client is ready to purchase the space and its content from you you can aid them by either:

  • granting them the billing manager permission so they can purchase the editor licenses with the credit card (we recommend this option if the client would prefer to retain some flexibility and is only interested in the core business analysis functionality)
  • contacting us at to raise an annual invoice for a client (if the client is interested in the Salesforce implementation and adoption licenses as well)

Once the licenses have been paid for go to Space management and grant Editor licenses to the clients and make at least one of them the Space Admin.

Then the corporate admin has to change the primary domain of the space in the corporate management's space list. At this point, space will be fully owned and controlled by the client.

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