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The home page shows you the last 50 items you recently viewed in Elements. These items are space specific, so each space will have its own collection of your last 50 viewed items.

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  • Prerequisites

  • What can I see in "Recently viewed"?

  • What counts as recently viewed?

  • How to filter by item type

  • You might be also interested in


  • Viewer right on a Space level

What can I see in "Recently viewed"?

Items that will appear in the recently viewed tab on the home page are:

  • Business Requirements

  • Diagrams

  • Reference Model Nodes

  • Salesforce Org Analytics Reports

  • Salesforce Org Model Nodes

  • URL Library Links

  • User Stories

To change the view, simply select "Change space" in the toolbar and go to the Space you want to see items from. This logic is the same for items that you have followed, or that have been shared with you.

What counts as recently viewed?

  • If you create a new requirement, user story, diagram, or URL library link.

  • If you click on a requirement, user story, diagram, reference/Salesforce Org model node, Salesforce Org analytics report, or URL library link.

TIP URL links must be saved in your URL library to show as recently viewed.

How to filter by item type

In the middle of the Home page toolbar, you will find a dropdown menu.

If you click to open this, you will find a list of all item types that you can filter by.

Select the item type you want to filter by, and you will be shown all those specific items that you have recently seen. For example, here I have selected the filter to show me only my most recent diagrams:

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  • User groups and attachment visibility rights - you can then set all attachments on requirements, stories, diagram activities, and reference model nodes to be visible either by all users in the space or by particular user groups

  • Notifications - you will receive internal notifications which are shown next to your profile

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