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Links; attachments; how to add a link; how to add documentation; link other items; how to attach an image, requirement, story, process

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You can link different types of additional information to Requirements, Stories and Process activities. You can even link requirements and stories to process activities themselves. 

For adding information to Ref and Org Models, check this separate article.

Article outline

  • Prerequisites

  • Adding links

  • Standard attachments

  • Ref/Org model links

  • Process activity links

  • Reporting on links & attachments

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  • For adding documentation (URL links, images, rich text notes) you have to have at least editor right on a Space level

To link additional information to an Activity, Story or Requirement either:

  • use the context menu (right-mouse click):

  • use the right sidebar (which you need to open for a selected item using a blue arrow button)

Then select which type of attachment you wish to add to the item.

Standard attachments

There is a set of standard attachments you can link to any item:

  • Rich text notes

TIP Rich text notes allow you to embed images, videos, URLs and grids inside a note(available on PRO/Enterprise licence plan). 

  • References to linked Ref and Org Model nodes are listed under the "Documentation" tab in "Links" section for Process activities, Requirements and Stories. To learn more about linking model nodes to other items, read this article about how the documentation of the data model works.

  • If the requirement or story was raised or linked to a process activity, the reference will be listed under the "Documentation" tab in "Links" section tab on both ends. Learn more about managing process change with requirements & stories.

  • If the Ref/Org Model node was linked to a Process activity, the reference will be listed under the "Documentation" tab in "Links" section for the model. Learn more about how the documentation of the model works.

At any point, you can run a report to check the level and types of documentation attached across your processes.

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