Bring your diagrams to life or enhance your documentation with images and add your company logo.  This feature is available with the Enterprise license.

There are 4 ways of adding images to content in Elements - scroll down to learn about each one.

1. Importing images into a canvas 

There are two ways to add an image:

  • simply drag an image onto the diagram

  • right mouse click on the canvas and select "Add image" option

The image can be resized and dragged around the diagram. The image is compressed and stored securely on the Elements servers.

To delete an image simply left-mouse-click on the image and select delete image.

Tip: if you want to embed bigger images in order to ensure greater resolution and quality of the image you should aim to embed a gif file. Large png and jpeg files do not retain their resolution on the canvas. 

2. Adding images as attachments 

This could be a screenshot of a scan to help users understand how to do their job.

From right-mouse-click menu, select "Add attachment and Image". Then drag an image into the window (this operation is available on diagram activities, requirements, stories & reference model nodes).

3. Changing a process activity to have an "image" fill

This is a process diagram feature only:

  1. (in edit mode) select the activity box you want

  2. open the right panel, select themes tab (should be on that by default)

  3. toggle "image mode" to ON

  4. drag the image into the right panel area or click and browse for file

The image will now fill your activity box. Any text will become visible when you hover over the box. Any drilldown corner will also be visible and functional as usual. People often use this feature to create more visual "landing pages" and graphical buttons for end users to locate and find information.

4. Embedding images in rich text notes

You can also embed images in rich text notes. You can attach notes on process activities, reference model nodes, requirements and stories. Simply right-mouse-click on an item (or go to Documentation or Links tabs) and select to Add note. Then click on the toolbar icon shown below to embed an image.

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