At the end of a workshop, it is unlikely that the numbering of the process steps will be logical. Renumbering activity boxes on a diagram manually can be a pain. So, with one click you can automatically renumber from left to right, top to bottom. And the numbering is reflected all the way down the structure of child diagrams. Whilst this will not get it exactly how you want it, it will be a whole lot closer.

The Smart Renumber is selected by right mouse click in space – not on an object.

Not happy with the numbering?

To get the numbering sequence you want, you may need to “fool” the system. It numbers from top left to bottom right. Experiment by dragging the activity boxes into a different position relative to the other activity boxes. The lines will stay connected and it will look horrible. Then retry the Smart renumber. Now drag the activity boxes back to their original position.

You can also manually change numbers on individual diagrams using the right-click context menu. If you use a number that is already used on another activity these numbers will be swapped, i.e. the target activity will have the number you typed in, while the activity that was already using it will have the number of the activity you were editing. 


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