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Process owner and author

Change who has process ownership and who is the main author for a diagram

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If you need to change process map owner or author, you are in the right place to learn how to do that in literally no-time.

Article outline

  • Prerequisites

  • How to change map owner/author

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  • Registered and verified Elements account

  • Map owner or manager rights

How to change map owner/author

A map owner or manager can change who the diagram owner and author is. By default, the map owner is set as the owner and author for each process diagram in the map. However, if you want to manage responsibility between users, you can do it on the diagram's right panel. Click "change" against either owner or author. 

You will see a dialog window where you can start typing the name of the user you wish to make the new owner or author. 

  • you can make any user in your space a process owner 

  • you can make any editor in the space a process author 

The process owner is set as the default authorizer on maps with enabled governance mode.

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