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Themes : change the display settings for the diagrams
Themes : change the display settings for the diagrams

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A space admin can create and customise themes, so sets of layout/display settings that can be applied across multiple process diagrams simultaneously. You can change almost everything about how the diagram looks like, from activity boxes to information icons and fonts. This article will explain how to create a theme. 

Article outline

  • Prerequisites

  • Creating and publishing new themes

  • Customising activity boxes

  • Customising activity information

  • Customising resource display

  • Customising text boxes

  • Customising flowlines, connectors and terminators

  • Applying themes to process diagrams

  • Examples

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  • Registered and verified Elements account

  • Space admin right to create theme

  • Edit rights to a process map to apply theme

Creating and publishing themes

Select your Space from the Space list. Click on "Manage space" button in the right panel. Alternatively, click on the name of the Space as displayed at the top of the page. Either action will open up Space Management app in a new browser tab.

A user with Space Admin permission will see "Themes" menu option down the left-hand side. Click on it to see the list of all your current themes. Click on "New theme" button in the upper right section of the screen to create a new theme. 

If you want to create a new theme, add the name, description and select an existing theme to base your new theme on.

In the right panel, you can choose to edit a theme or publish it. By default, all changes that you make to a theme are not committed (meaning they won't affect the diagrams using that theme) until it is published. You also won't be able to use a new theme on the diagrams until it is published.

Click on "Edit theme" in the right panel to pop up a modal window where you will be able to change the theme details.

Click on "Publish theme" in the right panel to commit the changes you have made. 

Customising activity information 

You can change the icon that represents the fact that there is additional documentation available on an activity. You can also alter the background colour and shape of the icon to make it stand out more.

Customising activity boxes

You can change the background colour of activity boxes, the font size, colour, alignment and type of the activity text, and even if the activity numbers are shown by default or not.

Customising resource display

You can customise the font, colour and styles of resources, and you can set a different scheme for each resource type (human, facility, system). 

Customising text boxes

You can customise the font, colour, alignment, and style of the text box text as well as the colour of the text box background and its borders. 

Customising flowlines, connectors and terminators

All the same font settings mentioned above can also be applied to the flowline text. You can additionally change the colour of the terminator icon and the connector icon.

Applying themes to process diagrams

Once a theme is published, go to your target diagram, open the edit mode and select your desired theme from the dropdown on the top toolbar.

You will have to choose whether to apply the theme to just this one diagram or all of its children as well. 


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