On process diagrams you can check the history of edits to understand how the draft version of your process has changed over time and who changed it.

The change log records are available on a draft version of the process only. If you manage your diagram versions via releases you will not be able to see the change log on published, archived or ready-to-publish versions.

Article outline:

  • Adding change log records

  • Reviewing the change log

Adding change log records

We automatically take a snapshot of the draft diagram at the start of any editing session, when any editor switches to edit mode. You can also take a manual snapshot at any time by clicking on the camera icon in the upper-right corner of the screen when in edit mode.

Then you can add supporting notes.

Reviewing the change log

To view the change logs, click on the "Changelog" tab on the right panel. You will see images for the last 10 records created. To open the Changelog Viewer to view all records in full-screen, click "OPEN CHANGELOG". 

The Changelog Viewer opens in a new tab in your browser. You can now view and filter all the manual and automatic records by date, sequence, and user. 

*Note: if you copy a map the changelog is not copied across.

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