User groups and attachment visibility rights

How to group space users and set different attachments visibility to different user groups

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Elements allow you to group all your users into different user groups. You can then set all attachments on Requirements, Stories, Diagram activities, and Reference model nodes to be visible either by all users in the space or by particular user groups.

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  • Prerequisites

  • Managing group membership

  • Attachment visibility

  • Important for diagram editors

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  • You have to have Space Admin right to apply Editor right to users, create groups to then populate them and set visibility rules

Managing group membership 

As a Space Admin you can create user groups in your Space Management. 

You then need to go to the users list by clicking on the icon in the left-hand menu, and then add users to the groups. This can be done in 2 ways:

  • You can add users individually using the “Add to group” button in the right panel

  • Or you can multi-select users (keep pressing either Ctrl on laptops/PCs or cmd on Apple computers as you select users) and right-click on the selected list to perform bulk operations, like adding them to or removing from user groups. You can also select the first user, and while keep pressing shift select the last user, this will select all users in the list in-between the 2 selections. 

Attachment visibility 

When you try to attach any item to either Requirements, Stories, Diagram activities or Reference model nodes you will see the field at the bottom of the window allowing you to specify which group of users can see the attachment. By default, this is set to "All", meaning all space users can see it. 

You can choose as many groups as you like - just remember to remove the "All" tag from the field. 

Important for diagram editors

While in edit mode on a diagram, the editors can see all attachments and links in the scope of the current diagram, irrespective of visibility rights. This is by design to allow editors control over attachments on their diagrams (as they are the ones to set it and may want to change it over time).

Reporting, however, is done with the attachment visibility filter applied. In other words, even though the editor may see all links & attachments while in edit mode on a particular diagram, the report will list only those for which the user has visibility rights. This is because the reports can be run in the scope of the whole process, including diagrams on which the user does not have edit rights

To make sure key users can always see all the content, you might want to create a separate group and make sure it is used on all attachments.

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