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User permissions on a Space

Assign user rights; Permissions; Manage users; Swap license; Grant license; User management; Space management; How to make someone an editor

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For users to be able to create and edit existing content (diagrams, change records, documentation, etc.), they need to have relevant permissions within a Space. This article covers the types of permissions available.


  • To set permissions for other users, you haver to have Space Admin rights

Viewers vs Editors

Users in Elements Spaces are fundamentally divided into two types:

  • Viewers: they can see and interact with content but cannot create new items or edit or delete existing ones.

  • Editors: Editors can create, edit, and delete existing Space content. But what type of content they have 'edit' rights on depends on their Space permissions.

Types of permission on a Space level

Any editor can create new diagrams in the space. But for additional rights, they need one of the following permissions:

  • Space Admin: can set other Space Admins and manage users and connections to other systems like Salesforce & JIRA (there can be more than one Admin for the Space).

  • Requirements Manager: can create and edit change records, specifically business requirements, user stories, and user feedback.

  • Resource Manager: can edit, merge and delete resources in the Resource Library. Any resource manager can add resources to the Resources Library by simply adding them to an activity box on one of their diagrams.

  • Data Table Manager: can create and edit all data table templates, and run reports on data tables. Any user can populate data tables when they are linked to activity boxes.

  • Release Manager: can publish new versions of the diagrams and request user training on new content.

  • URL Library Manager: can manage the URL links stored in the URL Library, allowing them to use the same link multiple times and update all of them from the library if necessary.

  • Import Manager: can mass import stories, as well as mass-update metadata attributes via the CSV import. Learn more.

  • API token manager: can set and manage integrations with the use of webhooks and APIs.

Changing user permissions

In order to change user permissions in the Space, you need to:

  1. Make sure you are in the main Elements application. It is the one with the menu on the left hand side that allows you to navigate to different features. You will also notice the name of your Space at the top.

  2. Click on the gear icon in the top right part of the toolbar. Then select 'Space settings' from the dropdown. Or click on the name of the Space at the top of the toolbar.

3. Then select "Users" on the Left Menu. The Space Admin can manage the rights of the other users by selecting the user and applying the rights in the right panel. The editor license must first be granted (turn on the Editor toggle below email address.)

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