Setting edit rights on Map 

There are 3 steps to managing editor rights in a governed Pro Space. To have edit rights in a Pro Space, the user must have been granted editor rights at the space level. Once a user has edit rights on a Pro Space, they can then be assigned specific edit rights to a Map

Once assigned to a Map, all of the Map editors are available to be granted edit rights to each individual diagram in the Map. 

Setting edit rights on diagram 

You can set edit rights for each diagram in the map and control which editors can edit which part of your map. By default, all diagrams are set to be editable by all map editors.

If, however, you would like to restrict some editors from being able to change a particular diagram, simply switch the toggle "all map editors" to off. You will see the DENY button next to each editor's name, allowing you to restrict particular editors from editing this diagram. 

You can always reverse this action, either by switching the toggle "All Map editors" to "on", or by clicking the ALLOW button against the denied editor.

Inheriting edit rights on drilldowns 

By default, all children diagrams inherit edit rights (who is allowed and denied from editing the diagram) from the parent. You can, however, change that by switching the toggle "Inherits right from parent" to "off". This keeps the parent settings, but you can now customize it by allowing/denying other editors. 

You can also set "All map editors" to "on" to allow all map editors to edit the child diagram. The child diagram will inherit the edit rights but the "All map editors" switch by default will be turned to "off".

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