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How to delete a Space?

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There is an option to delete a Space, although we do not recommend doing that, as this is an irreversible action, but the process is simple and easy.

TIP Deleting a Space is irreversible, and you will lose all the content that was ever created in the Space.

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  • The Space must be on FREE plan. If it is a trial / expired trial Space, ask us to downgrade it for you. If it is a paid Space, also ask us to downgrade it for you first.

  • You must have the Editor license on the Space and have the Space admin permission.

  • You will have to confirm the Delete operation by typing the name of the Space in the confirmation window.


You can delete a free Space at any time when you decide you have no more use for it.

First, go to the Space list by clicking on the gear icon and selecting the hyperlinked

option at the bottom of the dropdown.

Select the Space you wish to delete, and from the right panel click on the "more"
(the three dots) menu as seen below. Click on "Delete space" option.

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