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Request authorization on changed diagrams
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Any editor in the map which has governance mode enabled can submit diagrams for authorization. This action will create a task for each preset authorizer on the diagrams that are submitted.

Article outline

  • Prerequisites

  • Marking drafts as ready

  • Requesting authorization

  • Overriding authorization

  • Next steps

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  • Governance mode turned on for the map

  • Editor rights for the map

  • Map manager can override need for authorization

Marking drafts as ready

Before you submit the diagram for authorization, you need to mark it as "Ready for authorization". This is available against the draft version of the diagram.

Requesting authorization

Once a diagram is ready, you can request authorization.

You can choose which release the diagram should be associated with and by when should the authorization be completed. By default, the date is set exactly 1 week from the current time.

You can also include lower-level diagrams to request authorization on multiple diagrams at once.

If this option is selected, you can inspect which diagrams from the hierarchy below will actually be included in the authorization request.

Not all children diagrams will be included in the submission. A diagram must be marked as "Ready for authorization" and it cannot be currently being authorized.

Overriding authorization

A user with map manager permission can also override the need for authorization altogether. This will skip the authorization step, will not create any tasks, and will move the current diagram (and lower levels if selected) straight to "Ready for release" state.

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