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How to set up users who will have to sign off they have seen and understood new business processes - Acknowledgements

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You can use Elements to train users on new processes and easily get acknowledgment records on any new content. To do that, you need the Enterprise Space license.

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  • Enterprise licence

Setting up training

The first step is to associate users with the appropriate content, i.e. process diagrams, so that when an acknowledgment task is raised the system knows who to send the task to. You will have to add users to user groups and then associate those user groups with appropriate content.

The first step is very quick and easy and is covered in this article. Once you have your user groups ready, go to the process map list, open the “Management” tab in the right sidebar of the selected map and open the map management app.

Map management shows you the hierarchical structure of your map (both in draft and published state) as well as the list of any diagrams currently in “Ready to publish” state. You can analyse the state of your process map from this app, e.g. by checking if you have any unpublished drafts or whether the draft content differs from the published content, which shows the processes are being changed. This app also allows you to manage edit rights as well as training groups on each diagram.

In the right sidebar of any selected diagram, you will find a “Training/Compliance” tab where you can add user groups. When a diagram gets published and training is requested, the users from the added groups will receive a task to acknowledge they understand the new content. To make this process fast and easy, the training groups automatically get inherited from the parent diagram. You can always turn it off and set your own groups on any diagram - then its children will inherit those groups.

If there is an open training task on a diagram, and you remove a group from it, or you remove users from the group in Space Settings, then the personal training tasks for removed users will be cancelled. This will be part of the training record. If you add a new group to the diagram or a new user to the group, the new users will not join an open training task. Training tasks are only sent to users at a point of manual request. 

TIP At the moment we only support “Release training records”, so the ability to request acknowledgment on freshly published process diagrams. We are working on adding “Onboarding” training tasks (so training for a new role) and “On-demand” training tasks, as well as extending acknowledgments to documents. If you would like to discuss this functionality and roadmap further, contact us via intercom chat.

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