You can use Elements to train users on new processes and easily get acknowledgment records on any new content. To do that you need the Enterprise Space license.

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Article outline:

  • Performing training

  • Showing compliance via training records

Performing the training tasks

As a training assignee, you will receive an email with a notification and a link to the training task. You will also receive an in-app notification. Click on either the link in the email or the task in the notification to start the training.

You will be taken straight away to the diagram editor and the first diagram that you need to acknowledge.

The training mode is a slideshow-like experience. Just click when you've understood the process to be taken to the next one on your to-do list. If you have any questions or concerns just click for more information at the top bar. You will see a comment that was left when a process was made ready to publish as well as the username who raised the training - you can contact them if you have any questions.

Once you've clicked that you understand all published content you just need to sign off with your password (for provisioned users they just need to click “Confirm”). And that's it, your training has been completed!

Showing compliance: training records

You can check training records in the map management app against each diagram. Irrespective of whether you open the published or a draft map tree you can see the history of acknowledgments through time for this diagram and its previous versions.

Simply select a training record that you're interested in (they are listed by their Raised on date). For instance, if you're interested in checking if all users knew the process on May 30th, check the training record from before that date.

When you open a training record you will see information about the training task corresponding to that record, i.e. who requested acknowledgment on that process diagram, when and as part of what type of training task.

If you click on the text button "User details" you will be able to see detailed user training records on that process.

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