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Metadata search, Link Salesforce metadata to diagram

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You can document which metadata components are used to support which part of your business process or architecture by searching and linking those components directly onto diagram boxes.


  • Synced Salesforce Org Model

  • Edit rights in the Org Model

  • Editor rights on a Diagram

Search for metadata

While in edit mode, right-click on the box and select walk-in menu "Add documentation". Then select "Org Model Node" option.

You will see a modal window. Pick one of the synced Org models and pick the metadata type (e.g. field, object, etc.).

Start typing letters from the label or API name of the component you seek.

By default, all search is done using "Starts with" query. So if you type in "Account", we will bring back metadata components which have names starting with "Account" but not if they have that word later in their name.

You can still perform "Contains" query if you prefix the string you are searching for with "*", e.g. "*Account".

Within seconds the system will bring back a list of candidates that you can scroll through. Clicking on a search result will load the required component.

Exploring metadata to diagram links

Linked metadata components will be visible under the little cloud icon. Click on it to see connected metadata components.

On the metadata component, you can find linked diagrams in the right panel in the documentation tab.

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