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Search for and link metadata from a story
Search for and link metadata from a story

How to search for and link metadata from a user story; How to open the dependency tree from a user story

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In order to use this feature you will need:

  • A synced Org model

  • Edit rights on the Org model of choice

  • A user story created in Elements

  • The requirement manager permission

Search for a node from a user story

To search for a node simple select the user story you are interested in from the Change grid. Open the right panel, navigate to the "Impact assessment / dependency" tab, and select "Find Salesforce node".

From here, specify the Org model you want to use and input the search term for the node you are looking for. You can narrow this down this search by specifying the type of metadata (e.g. Field, Object, Profile...).

Start typing letters from the label or API name of the component you seek.

By default, all search is done using "Starts with" query. So if you type in "Account", we will bring back metadata components which have names starting with "Account" but not if they have that word later in their name.

You can still perform "Contains" query if you prefix the string you are searching for with "*", e.g. "*Account"

Within seconds the system will bring back a list of candidates that you can scroll through. Clicking on a search result will load the required component.

Once found you can select the Org model node and press "Add to story".

You have the option to select a reason for linking the metadata and a description. You can also decide which user groups will be able to view this information.

Pressing "Open" will open a new tab showing this node in the Org model.

Press "Attach" when you are ready to attach the node to your user story. Once attached it will be visible from the right panel:

Inspecting dependencies from a user story

Once you've linked metadata to your story we have made it easy for you access the dependency tree for your impact analysis work.

Simply rollover the attached node on the "i" icon, and click the "Open dependency tree" button which appears at the top of the window.

From here a new tab will open with your node in the dependency tree. It's as easy as that!

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