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Sticky notes on diagrams

How to add post-it notes to the diagram; Post-it notes on diagram; How to add sticky notes

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Post-it notes/ sticky notes allow you and your users to leave behind ideas, comments, and feedback around the diagrams.


  • You need to be in the 'draft' version of the diagram. Post-it notes cannot be added to published or other versions.

Post-it notes can be added in two different modes:

Read up on permissions on the Space here.

Add sticky note in edit mode

As an editor, editing the diagram in draft version, you can add a post-it note on a diagram to document any ideas or pain points. You can either use:

  • the left panel to drag and drop a note onto the canvas,

  • or you can press Shift and double left-click on the canvas.

Add sticky note in view mode

By default all users who can access and view a diagram can add post-it notes to the diagram in the draft mode. You can disable/enable this feature in the sharing settings on the map.

You can choose to disable this option for all users, and instead turn this on for individual users in the right panel.

The viewer who has rights to add sticky notes, can right-click (context menu) on the canvas and select 'Create sticky note'.

Once you created a sticky note, double-click on it to add text.

Edit sticky note

Editing of sticky notes works differently in edit and in view mode on the draft diagram.

  • Editor in edit mode can edit, move and delete any post-it notes on the canvas

  • Viewer in view mode can only move, edit, and delete their own post-it notes

To change text on the sticky note, just double-click on it

Right-click on the selected sticky note and choose one of the available options.

You can:

  • Change color of the sticky note to one of the 18 predefined colors

  • Change font style, size, and other basic attributes of the text within sticky note

  • Tag notes with custom tags to organize your ideas by any dimension.

Filter post-it notes

Right-click on the canvas. This can be done in view mode by any viewer or by an editor in edit mode. You can filter (i.e. show or hide) sticky notes by:

  • User (author of the sticky note)

  • Color

  • Tag

Filtering is not applied to all users that are looking at a diagram. Filtering is only done for the user who is filtering.

For instance, if users A and B are both looking at the same diagram, and user A filters the sticky notes, the sticky notes will hide/show only for user A, not user B.

Conflict management and restrictions

When two users are editing the same note the following rules are applied:

  • Last change wins

  • A change consists of text change or position, size change.

  • When a note is deleted that always wins as an action.

  • When a viewer is editing a note other updates are blocked.

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