Copying a Data Table to a new Space

How to copy a data table that you have created in one space to be used in another space

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This simple steps will allow you to move a defined Data Table to another Space, and that would save you not only time and effort, but could bring structure to the way you collect your data.


  • Editor rights on a Space level


If you have defined a data table and want to copy that definition to another Space, you can do this using the following steps:

  1. Create a new process in the space with the data table

  2. Create an activity on the level 1 diagram

  3. Attach the data table to the activity

  4. Copy the process to the space that you want the data table in.  This will also copy the definition to the new space.  

  5. Delete the process in both spaces

TIP If the data table already exists in the new Space, it will not copy it again, so long as the definition has not been changed in either space.

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