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Drive up Salesforce user adoption

Using Elements process diagrams and links to documents and systems to improve training

Elements Chrome Extension: embedding in-app help and training in SalesforceTraining; Record Page Help; Salesforce Help; In-app help end-user help Embedding Salesforce training, process diagrams, notes, URL, feedback
Giving Salesforce users access to Elements help & feedbackChoose which users can access in-app Salesforce help and leave feedback for the admins
Analyze Salesforce help usageHow to check if and how Salesforce help is used?
Access Process content on-demand, from any chrome browser window using Elements extensionSearch for and pop up Elements diagrams anywhere you are in a chrome browser; diagram help; process map; chrome extension; process content
Diagram ratings and view historyTracking diagram adoption; help adoption; metrics; view history
Elements Chrome Extension: Admin insightsBrowser extension; Chrome extension; Salesforce Admin; Salesforce Setup; Record Pages; Right panel; Right sidebar; Admin insights;
Landing pages and hotspotsBuild a landing page to link to your documentation; processes & URL links
Prerequisite steps before you start embedding diagrams into external servicesBefore embedding; Prerequisite steps; Salesforce Lightning; Salesforce Classic; Salesforce Utility Bar; webpages, Confluence, Sharepoint
Embedding processes in iframes (webpages, Confluence, Sharepoint and others)Confluence; webpages, Sharepoint, embedding diagrams
Embedding process diagram in Salesforce Lightning Pages and Salesforce Utility BarHow to display process maps in Salesforce; Lightning utility bar; Lightning page; embedded diagrams
Embedding process diagram inside Salesforce Classic (VisualForce)VisualForce; Salesforce Classic; embedded diagrams