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ElementsGPT Copilot Data

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This article outlines the data available for querying your Org using ElementsGPT Org Copilot.

Data is refreshed every time a new sync runs, so if you have recently changed your Org since the last sync simply rerun a sync for the latest updates to be reflected in the Copilot.

Click here to learn more about Org Copilot.

Metadata and Dependencies

There are 2 key datasets included in the Metadata and Dependencies Copilot.


This dataset includes a fill list of all the metadata in your Org (exactly what you would find in the Org model, or metadata dictionary).

You can ask questions and query across a multitude of metadata attributes:

  • Name

  • Type

  • Subtype

  • Trigger type

  • Description

  • Help text (Salesforce end user help text)

  • Active

  • Created date

  • Last modified date

  • Last modified by

  • API version

  • Test coverage

  • Flow fault coverage

  • Total complexity

  • Complexity score level

  • Asynchronous run

  • Immediate run

  • Tags

  • Last report run date

  • % population

  • Encryption

  • Data sensitivity

  • Last modified record date

  • Last created record date

  • Parent object

  • Record count

  • Data compliance


This is a dataset containing all the metadata dependencies in your Org. You can query across the following attributes:

  • Source type (metadata)

  • Source API name

  • Source label

  • Source parent object

  • Write - Applicable to Fields. Value is blank or true if the field is updated by the Dependent;

  • Read - Applicable to Fields. Value is blank or true if the field is updated by the Dependent;

  • Trigger type

  • Trigger action

  • Dependent type

  • Dependent API name

  • Dependent label

  • Dependent parent object

  • Relationship description


There are 3 datasets used in the Permissions Copilot.

Permissions for Salesforce entities

  • Permission type

  • Permission name

  • Permission API name

  • Permission assigned users

  • Access

  • Entity type

  • Entity name

  • Entity API name

  • Entity parent API name

The metadata available in this dataset is the following:

  • Apex Classes

  • Applications

  • Custom Permissions

  • External Data Sources

  • Fields (standard and custom)

  • Flows

  • Objects

  • Standard Objects

  • Custom Objects

  • Custom Settings

  • Custom Metadata Types

  • Big Objects

  • Platform Events

  • Page Layouts

  • Record Types

  • Tabs

Permissions for Salesforce users

  • Permission type

  • Permission name

  • Permission API name

  • User name

  • User username

Required fields for Salesforce entities

  • Field name

  • Field API name

  • Field subtype

  • Field parent object name

TIP: explore some use cases for Org Copilot.

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