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Governance overview dashboard

Analytics 360 ; Governance dashboard

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The "Governance overview" dashboard, part of 'Governance' section in Analytics 360, is designed to provide a pulse of the Org.

Aimed at Platform owners, this feature set offers a series of time-based charts that break down changes happening to your Org over time.

This dashboard does not include changes to and from managed packages.

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Time filter

At the top of the page, you can select your 'from' and 'to' dates. This is a range between which you can analyze velocity and types of changes happening to your Org. This filter will apply to all five charts in the overview dashboard.

Currently, you are restricted to a maximum 6-month range.

Changed metadata by week

As a platform owner, you'll find a historical bar chart that summarized all changes done to your core Org (excluding managed packages) in the selected time period. This visual representation will help you get a quick sense of the velocity and volume of changes happening in your Org.

Type of changes by week

This section features another historical bar chart. This time all changes are categorized into deletions, updates and creations. This helps you understand what sort of changes are being done to an Org and whether there is consistent focus on optimizing existing capability.

Type of metadata being worked on by week

For the most in-depth overview over time, you can use the type of metadata being worked on by week. While it shows all changes categorized by type of metadata being changed by default, you can use the filter to choose the types of metadata you want to focus on. This helps you understand what parts of the Org are being changed over time.

New and changed metadata that have a description

This donut chart serves as the quality-control of changed metadata. It counts specific metadatata that were created (New) or Updated in the specified period and checks if the 'description' field has been filled out or not.

This chart looks at following metadata types:

  • Apex classes

  • Apex triggers

  • External services

  • Global actions

  • Custom metadata

  • Custom objects

  • Custom fields

  • Flows

  • Permission sets

  • Permission set groups

  • Platform events

  • Profiles

  • Record types

  • Report types

  • Validation rules

  • Visualforce pages

Net % change in the number of metadata

The last section shows how the number of metadata components of each type has changed as a % change for the selected time period. For instance, if you had 20 flows at the beginning of the selected range, and 40 flows at the end of it, this would show as a 100% increase.

This helps you understand the direction of your Org and the scale of customizations made over time.

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