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Analytics 360

Analytics 360 dashboards

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When you have connected an Elements space with your Salesforce Org and you have completed the sync, you can get a complete view of your Salesforce Org across different dimensions. This covers the core platform and your managed packages.

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How to find Analytics 360

You can open Analytics 360 either from the list of your Org models or from a specific Org model. In the first case, just click on the button in the right panel of the selected Org model.

In the latter case, click on the launch button in the top right part of the Org model screen.

The analytics page will open in a new browser window.

Scope of Analytics 360

Analytics 360, as the name suggests, is meant to give you a complete view of your Org's health across the following dimensions:

  • Configuration overview

  • Automaton health

  • Technical debt

  • Compliance

  • Documentation

  • Adoption (requires Production Org or full Sandbox for insights)

  • Governance (requires Production Org or your Pre-Production Sandbox for most accurate insights)

You can learn details about all of the dashboards here.

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