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Download large dependency sets

Download data sets on dependencies to cross-reference and identify technical debt

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You can download data sets of dependencies from your Org Model if you are on Enterprise plan. Any user with access to the Org Model can download those data sets.

The dependency data sets contain all dependencies for all metadata of particular type. You can use them to cross-reference metadata that was tagged or classified for optimisation with dependent metadata to identify further opportunities for change.

Article outline

  • Prerequisites

  • How to generate data sets on used fields

  • How to generate data set on all field dependencies for an object

  • How to download data sets

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  • You have to have Enterprise plan Space to download large data sets

How to generate data sets on used fields

If you are on the Enterprise plan, you can download large data sets by clicking on the icon in the toolbar in your Org Model.

The "Used fields" data set will bring back all fields used by all automations of a particular type.


How to generate data sets on field dependencies

To download the data set on all fields on an object and its dependencies, first locate the object in the Org Model tree structure. Right-click on it and select option "Make node root".

At this point, the Org Model is limited to just showing the metadata related to that object. Click on the download icon again, and you will be able to generate the field dependencies report.


How to download data sets

Either type of the large data set can be downloaded from the notification icon. Just click on the notification to download the ZIP file with the CSV files that you can import into Excel or Google Sheets.

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