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Objects usage overview

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The "Object usage overview" dashboard, part of 'Adoption' section in Analytics 360, is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of your Salesforce Org's adoption.

Aimed at platform owners trying to assess Return on Investment (RoI) of the development efforts, this dashboard provides a high-level overview of your object utilization.

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Objects by record count

This dynamic bar chart shows objects by number of records. By default, when you open the dashboard, it only shows top 10 objects by number of records. But when you expand it, you can explore all objects by type (standard, custom, managed package objects) and sort from high to low, low to high, and alphabetically.

This can quickly reveal which objects are being used and aren't being used

Objects by number of views in the last 30 days

Similarly, the second bar chart shows objects by the number of views registered through event logs. That includes any view (page view, list view, related list view, related record, classic, lightning) on the Object by any user.

This view quickly reveals which objects have actually been interacted with in any way by the users and which haven't in the last 30 days.

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