When you install the Elements managed package in your Org, you need to then manually set up a connection between the package & your Elements implementation.

Article overview

  • Prerequisites
  • Logging into the Package
  • Establishing a connection


You need:

Logging into the Package

  • Select the Elements App within Salesforce 
  • Select the Elements Settings tab. 

The Welcome to Elements Documentation Hub for Salesforce page will be displayed. Click on the Manual Setup button. The Elements account tab will be shown. 

Elements Catalyst Accounts Tab 

The Elements Catalyst Accounts tab is used to connect a Salesforce Org to an Elements Space. An Org can only be connected to one Space. 

This Space should exist already in Elements and the user must be an Admin in that Space. You need to login only once to provide the right credentials for the package.

Establishing a connection

A list of Spaces which the logged-in user is an Admin for will be shown. Only spaces which can be connected to will be available to select.

If the Org is a Production/Developer Org then for the Space to be available there must be an implementation that does not have a Production Org connected to it. 

If the Org is a Sandbox it can be connected to any Implementation for the Space.

Select the Space and then select the implementation that you want to connect to. Click the ‘Connect Selected Space’ button. 

Once the Space has been connected to an Org, no other Space can be connected to the Org. You can disconnect the Space from the Org if required. 

That's it! You can now configure SSO for other users in your Org and get field % population data in your Org model.

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