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Connecting and syncing Salesforce Orgs
Connecting and syncing the 1st Org
Installing the managed package & connecting to the Elements space
Installing the managed package & connecting to the Elements space
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When you install the Elements managed package in your Org, you need to then manually set up a connection between the package & your Elements implementation.

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  • Prerequisites

  • Installing the Package

  • Logging into the Package

  • Connection details tab

  • Scheduled jobs

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  • Registered Elements account 

  • Space where you are the Space Admin (e.g. if you created the Space)

  • Salesforce connection established between the Elements app and an Org Model

Installing the Package

Our managed package is available from the Salesforce AppExchange here.

You can also find the package by navigating to our website,, and hovering over the "Login/Register" tab. This will show you a menu where you can click the link to download our Managed Package for either Production or Sandbox Orgs.

This will take you to the direct download link. From here you follow the instructions in Salesforce to download the package.

Once downloaded you will need to finish the setup by following the steps below.

Logging into the Package

  1. Select the Elements App within Salesforce 

  2. Select the Elements Connection details tab. 

Connection details tab 

The Elements Account tab is used to connect a Salesforce Org to an Elements Space.

Simply log in to the package using your Elements credentials (username & password). The package will then automatically connect to the already synced org model.

That's it! You can now configure SSO for other users in your Org and get field % population data in your Org model.

NOTE: A Salesforce Org can only be connected to one Space.

Scheduled jobs

In order to take advantage of our data population capabilities and profile metadata comparisons you will need to set up the scheduled apex jobs. Using the Scheduled jobs tab you can schedule jobs, see which jobs are already scheduled, and remove any jobs you no longer want scheduled/you want to change.

For more information on setting up scheduled jobs, read here.

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