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How to schedule the "Profile metadata information" batch job in the Elements managed package to get the access data

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In order to get the full insights required for auditing which users have access to sensitive metadata and analyze permissions being granted by profiles, you need to schedule the profile metadata information batch job in our managed package. This article covers how to do it.


  • You must be on Enterprise license or have a consulting space

  • You must have a synced Org Model

  • You must have the managed package installed in your Org

  • You must be assigned to ElementsAdmins permission set in Salesforce

Setting up the batch jobs

In order for Elements to have the correct Profile data to analyse you will need to have the Elements Managed Package installed, and the Profile batch jobs are scheduled.

This is done via the Scheduled Jobs tab in the "Elements Settings" app in Salesforce.

For further information, this article gives in depth explanation of these batch jobs and their importance.

Without the Profile metadata batch job you will only be able to analyze access being granted by permission sets and permission set groups

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