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Companies that are part of our parter program can create pre-built documentation packages that can be then installed in our clients' Org models. This process results in documents (rich text notes or URL links) being automatically created for the target metadata.

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  • Prerequisites

  • Installing documentation packages

  • Removing documentation packages

  • Updating documentation packages

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Installing documentation packages

In the list of connected Salesforce org models, click on the import icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

In the modal window, please choose :

  • in which implementation you want to install the documentation package (in most cases there will be only one),

  • then select your documentation provider (usually this will be the name of the consultancy),

  • then select the package,

  • and finally, which version of the package you wish to install.

All of these options will be auto-suggested to you once you click on each field.

When you click "Import" you will see a notification that the package version is being imported. Once the process is done, you will see the details in the right panel for the selected implementation.

Importing a documentation package version results in a set of attachments being created automatically and associated with metadata in your Org model.

Removing documentation packages

If you want to remove all documentation from your Org that you have imported via the documentation package version, then simply go to the list of org models. Select an implementation and in the right panel select the "Documentation" tab. Click on the "X" against the package you want to remove. All attachments that came from that package will be removed in the process.

Updating documentation packages

Every documentation package can have multiple versions (depending on the package provider). You can only have 1 version of the documentation package installed in your org implementation at any time. However, you can at any point install a different version of the same documentation package. That will replace the old version with the new version.

The logic of this operation is explained in detail below:

Let's assume that in the process of installing version 1 of the documentation package you imported 3 attachments: A1, B1 and C1.

If you edit/update an attachment which came from the documentation package, then you effectively make it a local attachment, and you remove any linkage between that attachment and its package of origin.

Let's now imagine that you install a new version of the documentation package (Version 2). In a hypothetical scenario outlined above:

  • Attachment Aa stays in the Org model because it was edited by you

  • A new attachment A2 is created (this could very well be the exact same attachment as before, which is present in both versions 1 & 2)

  • Attachment B1 is replaced with a newer version B2 (because the package provider changed something in that attachment)

  • Attachment C1 is removed completely because it is not in scope of the version 2 of the documentation package

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